MAC Mentoring

“…the important fact of men’s lives is not that they are biological males, but that they become men. Our sex may be male, but our identity as men is developed through a complex process of interaction with the culture in which we both learn the gender scripts appropriate to our culture and attempt to modify those scripts to make them more palatable.”

-Kimmel and Messner, In Men’s Lives

Members of MAC believe that one way of engaging in primary prevention of violence is to engage men and boys about creating positive male mentorship relationships. Men in our society have plenty of unhealthy and harmful examples of masculinity. We believe that it’s time for the men in our community who recognize the problems to put their observations into action.

Being a mentor doesn’t have to be a formal relationship with scheduled appointments. It can occurwhenever you take action as a man in the presence of other men and boys. It happens within relationships and conversations about relationships and how to navigate masculinity in our society. Some of the most transformational moments in a young man’s life are when other men take an interest in his well-being, provide positive examples about the diverse experiences that comprise masculinity and share stories of their struggles about becoming a man. Taking the time to show that you are interested in the success of the men in your life can make a huge difference.

The Men’s Anti-Violence Council has created a 2-hour MAC Mentors workshop. MAC Mentors:

  • Create discussions about masculinity and its impact on relationships
  • Increase awareness about societal rules about masculinity that lead to relationship problems
  • Understand how these “rules” discourage healthy relationships by creating behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to the self and others
  • Offer support, guidance and provide information about navigating masculinity on campus
  • Are willing to create meaningful relationships with other men in order to better understand their challenges and celebrate their successes
  • Support programming involving healthy examples of masculinity and encourage others to create similar spaces

Coming soon…resources related to healthy mentoring,

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