The Men’s Anti-Violence Council (MAC) is a volunteer group at the University of Iowa. We are housed in the Women’s Resource and Action Center, one of the oldest campus-based women’s centers in the United States. We provide an opportunity for men to get involved in preventing violence. The main purpose of our group is to provide a space for men to discuss issues related to masculinity and violence. We also facilitate workshops about healthy masculinity, mentoring, and bystander intervention skills. MAC provides resources about how everyone in the community can get involved and be part of the solution. MAC members have presented workshops, lectures and presentations to over 2,300 students and community members.

As men, we have a lot of influence among our friends, classmates, colleagues and even strangers. Men look to other men about what’s appropriate male behavior. We can send a message about what’s appropriate by getting involved. As men, we have strength and we have a voice. It is our choice how we use them. What are your actions saying about your views on violence?

Want to become a MAC volunteer? Visit here to find out more. If you want to comment about the website or provide content and resources, contact us below.

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