Stalkers just get to resign?

Maybe it’s just me, but if you admit to a local newspaper that you harassed and stalked someone, you probably should receive a stiffer punishment than resigning. Last week, Florida Democratic Rep. Richard Steinberg admitted to harassing/stalking a female federal prosecutor through dozens of text messages. Why did he have the luxury of choosing to resign? Why was that even an option? If an elected official admits to stalking someone, they should be fired and charged with a crime. I wish all stalking and harassment victims had the Secret Service at their disposal to identify their harassers.

The best part? Last week, Steinberg cast a vote to expand the definition of ‘aggravated stalking’ to include threats (and implied threats) made via electronic messages (e.g., texts, emails) and classify that action as a third-degree felony with a five-year maximum prison sentence. However, I doubt that Steinberg will ever see the inside of a prison cell.

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