Power, sexual assault and community responsibility

Jim Wallis wrote a great piece for The Huffington Post. The piece was titled Zero Tolerance: Trump, Schwarzenegger, and Strauss-Kahn. The article reviewed recent media coverage of powerful men who are charged with sexual abuse, infidelity and sexism. Wallis correctly identified behaviors that we’ve all seen and heard about hundreds of times in the media. However, he went an additional step and called for men in the community who disagree with the behaviors and attitudes to engage in bystander interventions. He essentially called for a boycott of athletes, politicians, movie stars and anyone in the spotlight who engages in inappropriate conduct. This is nothing new from anti-violence advocates. However, I like how he specifically addressed men to be vocal role models and to use these news stories as opportunities to speak out to the men and the boys in their lives about how this isn’t how a community or society should treat women. I’ve posted my favorite quotes below.

  • What has been missing from this too-often repeated narrative is the condemnation of these behaviors and attitudes from other men — especially men who are in positions of power, authority, and influence. While the primary blame lies with the perpetrators, we should look next at the good men who say nothing. It’s time for good men to hold accountable those who abuse women. Those who abuse, assault, and rape are not real men. They distort and destroy any sense of healthy manhood. It’s time to tell our sons that they must never act like these abusers and perpetrators, and to make sure to raise our own sons to love, respect, and be faithful to women.
  • Other men must condemn these men, not only as immoral and sometimes criminal, but also as the worst examples of what and who we are supposed to be…We need to establish a new principle: that the abuse of women by men will no longer be tolerated. And the voices of men need to be louder to make that perfectly clear.

Click Read More to find out about Ben Stein’s victim blaming and rape myth accepting statements about the Strauss-Kahn case…

The Good Men Project’s, Seth Avakian, posted a great article in reaction to Ben Stein’s ridiculous rape myth and victim blaming remarks regarding the Straus-Kahn case. I’ll post a couple of Stein’s remarks below and you can follow the link to the response article.

  • If he is such a womanizer and violent guy with women, why didn’t he get charged before now?
  • Can anyone tell me of any economists who have been charged with sex crimes?
  • He’s a short, fat old man…How did he intimidate her in that situation?
  • How do we know that this woman’s word was good enough to put Mr. Strauss-Kahn into a horrific jail?

In Stein’s fantasy world, perpetrator’s are automatically caught the first time they commit a crime. If Stein does not know of or has not personally witnessed someone in a specific profession committing a crime, it’s not possible. Perpetrators are always tall, skinny,  young and intimidating. People charged with violent crimes can only be held in jail if Stein approves that the accuser’s credibility is “good enough.”

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