Recycle cell phones to end domestic violence

Have you recently upgraded to a newer cellphone or do you have one sitting, unused in a drawer? Consider donating it to benefit domestic violence survivors. The FCC requires that any working cell phone, even if it doesn’t have a service plan, must be able to dial 911. Your old cellphone is perfect for someone who might need emergency assistance. Contact your local domestic violence shelter to see if they have an emergency cell phone distribution plan. In Johnson County, you can reach DVIP at 1-800-373-1043.

Another way to help is to donate your cellphone to be recycled.

  • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) collects cellphones, recycles them and donates the proceeds to domestic violence prevention. You can print a pre-paid label and receive a tax receipt for your donation. NCADV has partnered with ReCellular for this effort. Cellphones donated to Recellular resulted in 3 million dollars for charities in 2009. Enter your zip code on this website to find the nearest ReCellular drop box. There are numerous drop boxes in the Iowa City/Coralville area.
  • Call to Protect is a program through The Wireless Foundation where recycled cellphone proceeds are used to end domestic violence. Call to Protect has provided over 3.5 million grant dollars to end domestic violence. Cellphone donations are tax deductible and they provide a pre-paid mailing label.
  • Verizon’s HopeLine program also collects cellphones and accessories. To date, HopeLine has provided over 7 million dollars in funds to domestic violence programs and initiatives. You can mail your cellphone or drop it off at any Verizon store.

There are dozens of national and local programs that refurbish or recycle cellphones and donate proceeds to end domestic violence. Donating your cellphone makes our community a safer place and it is environmentally friendly. Consider donating your used cellphone, batteries and accessories!

ReCellular’s cellphone recycling center

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